Smart 4T

Smart 4T


API  SL / CF 20w 50

Pack Size : 1L

NGS Smart 4T specially suitable for motorbike



Image: 1L & 4L





Super Gold

NGS Super Gold


API  SL / CF 20w50

Pack Size : 1L / 4L / 5L / 205L

Suitable for all kinds of engine such as Petrol / Diesel/CNG  & LPG Motor Cycle


Image: 1L & Drum








NGS Heavy Duty Engine Oil


API  CD / SF HD - 40

Pack Size : 1L / 205L

NGS-HD-40 is the multipurpose automotive engine oil specially formulated for using passenger car, Van, Light Truck & Heavy Vehicles.


Image: 4L







Gear Oil

NGS Gear Oil


EP - 140 EP - 80W 90 (GL-5)

Pack Size: 1L / 4L / 205L
The premium quality gear oil. It’s suitable for all kinds of multipurpose gear lubricants engine. This gear oil for bother petrol and diesel car engines.


Image: 500ml







Brake Fluid

NGS Brake Fluid


API  DOT - 3

Pack Size: 500ml
Synthetic brake fluid for all vehicle brake systems, Brake Max. Brake fluid for all vehicles.



Image: 5L




Diesel Super

NGS Diesel Super


API  CI4 15w 40

Pack Size: 5L / 20L / 205L
High premium quality engine oil particularly suitable for new diesel engine and generator.


Image: 600ml & Pail





NGS Super


API  SJ / CF 20w50

Pack Size: 600ml / 20L
This Multi grade Engine Oil is suitable for all kinds of Motorcycle, Car, Bus and Truck.


Image: 5L & Pail








NGS Heavy Duty Engine Oil


API  CD / SF HD - 50

Pack Size: 5L / 20L / 205L
High performance mono-grade oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Specially developed for off-road vehicles.



Image: 4L












Pack Size: 1L / 4L
NGS ATF is a power transmission fluid recommended for passenger car & commercial vehicle automatic transmission hydraulic systems of mobile & highway equipments.



Image: 1L




Auto Cool

NGS Auto Cool


No Code (Auto Cool)

Pack Size: 1L
Absorb heat from the engine and then dissipates it through radiator and heat exchanger.



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